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February 26th / 2022 - Perb - stew
Does this remarkable woman need another review? Likely not. It is well known that she is a delight. But I am going to post this anyway..........
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January 8th / 2022 - Perb - jon123
Miss Ann is a beautiful, lovely, and very accommodating lady. I can tell she loves her job and she is very good at what she does.........
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June 1st / 2021 - Perb - caracho
MILF dirty blonde girl. It was crazy DFK to start standing up of course after the shower because around noon geez was freaking hot Anyways crazy DFK standing up and finger banging her cute little ........
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May 27 / 2021 - Perb - saitotogan
I love this woman (professionally, of course). Each time I've seen her, sessions have been intense, passionate, and memorable. I've had a 2-hour session with her and it was literally non-stop action with heavy DFK. The great thing about her is she can orgasm many many times and keep going; insatiable and ravenous. I find her gorgeous AF !........
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April 05 / 2021 - Perb - jrnymn
Yesterday was my birthday so I decided to treat myself to a duo. I’ve met Skyler Ann ( SA) and Skyler Mack ( SM ) on different occasions and thought what it would be like with the both of them. Well yesterday I found out. There is nothing like getting out of the shower and seeing SA muff diving SM. SA and myself in 69 with me on the bottom while SM fucks SA with a strap on. Hot Hot Hot.........
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January 01 / 2021 - Perb - bigsexy604
I had the pleasure of finally meeting Skyler for a multi hour play date a few days ago. I don’t know where to start....... from our first messages on perb to the last kiss goodbye after our play date she was a total gem !........
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November 25 / 2020 - Perb - lilfayxin
I won't go into details about the sessions but it went from standing bbbj - lying bbbj - mission - doggie - COF. With MOST providers, once you're done they usually want to kick you out asap but not with Skyler. She took a sip of water and we laid in bed chatting........
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November 11 / 2020 - Perb - actionjaxson
Had the pleasure to see Skyler and man was she something else. Definitely one to the top SPs I've seen.......
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September 29 / 2020 - Perb - alees
Met Skyler in White Rock. She's really efficient with communication and her website is very good for giving information. Anything you might want to know should be on there - and her photos are up-to-date and accurate. She's very friendly and, when she cums, she cums HARD. I went down on her for about 10 minutes and got soaked (no complaints) as she came and came again. She's very good on top and we had a decent chat afterwards. Would have no hesitation to repeat or recommend........
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August 28 / 2020 - Perb - nmjoff
She is everything her previous reviews have stated. SHE is a gorgeous multi faceted milf with a body that was built for loving combined with a matching personality and sex drive......
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August 28 / 2020 - Perb - take8easy
She has a lovely smile and she is quite energetic as well as very polished and well spoken. Also very passionate and seemed to enjoy sex genuinely. My request of outfit was met.
If she was working as a bank teller, I would pray to almighty that she takes me. If she worked with me, I don't think I would get much done. What can I say, it was an hour very well spent......
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